20-year-old Swedish singer, songwriter and producer LOVA, aka Lova Alvide, is already making waves in her homeland and is set to create a stir Stateside as she prepares to release her debut EP “Scripted Reality” on May 25th.

“I want to take over the world,” she beams. “I want to be the biggest I can be.” She's off to a cracking start, with the deliciously odd “You Me and The Silence” – a song that mixes the organic, warm production of her 60s music idols with very modern, idiosyncratic songwriting – the perfect introduction to the sort of young, outspoken female artist 2018 needs and deserves. “I definitely want to be a role model for younger girls because I know how hard it can be,” she says. “Role models should make mistakes and own up to them and grow from them. You're human.” This acknowledgement of her flaws is laid bare on the ludicrously catchy new single “Insecurities”, which features a playful chorus of “meet my insecurities, let's count 'em one, two, three” over scratchy guitars, bright handclaps and zipping electronics.

Unafraid to sing about important issues, but with a lightness of touch that never comes across as preachy, LOVA's rapidly carving out a niche for herself as Sweden's best pop export. Inspired by the musical greats from the 60s and 70s, as well as the melodic magicians of the present day, her brand of emotional pop music feels classic. It's not about chasing trends, or chucking in today's go-to sonic signifier for the sake of it, this is minimalistic, organic pop that feels truly universal.